Unrated - Cinema of the Extreme

Eric Stanze (SCRAPBOOK, ICE FROM THE SUN) wrote and directed this exploitation gore fest in 8 days as part of Ron Bonk’s Sub Rosa Extreme series. The company’s policy is to make low-budget horror epics for a target audience, who delight in watching the sickest stuff imaginable, and releasing them on DVD with loads of extras. However, with Stanze you can guarantee every cent will be up on screen. How extreme is this movie? Well pretty much so, I’d say.
     The film kicks off with a young boy stumbling across the naked corpse of rape victim. We shift to black and white footage of asylum inmate Sandy (Emily Haack) who explains the events that have led to her internment.
     We see purple haired Emily meet up with prison escapee ex-boyfriend Kevin (Scot Spookytooth, aka Stanze) following a lengthy sex scene (stretched out at the request of French film-backers) Kevin takes her to a church basement where there are three tied up men, he plans to kill each of them and then murder Sandy. Things don’t quite go as planned because Sandy overcomes her ex and kills him. The three captives are her her neighbour, her boss and a guy who used to go out with her, but all have abused her in the past and Sandy decides to take her revenge. One by one the three guys are subjected to torture. One is burnt with cigarette on the face, neck and penis, forced to defecate and then forced to eat the faeces before being axed to pieces. Another is shot in the privates, and the third is lured into the bedroom where Sandy first masturbates with a broom handle (cue some hardcore imagery) and then buggers her victim with it, he is then stabbed in the neck.
     Despite its unappealing title the movie is very well made, the subject matter is similar to Stanze’s SCRAPBOOK but isn’t quite so downbeat (despite the graphic violence and sex on display). Haack attacks her role with relish and to my mind she is quite easily the most persuasive and exciting actress working in exploitation today. The movie does include some needless padding involving numerous shots of church interiors and graveyards in order to fill out the running time, but that’s a minor quibble. It’s a real pleasure to discover a low-budget gem as well made as this, Stanze is a talented filmmaker as anyone who has sat through any of his previous work will testify. Check this movie out... it kicks ass.
     The Sub Rosa Extreme DVD includes an audio track with Stanze and Haack, two behind the scenes features... including a great one involving the story of Stanze disposing of the bloodied props in a dumpster which led to his name being plastered all over the US news, and trailers for several other Sub Rosa Extreme releases.

Carl T. Ford


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