Unrated - Cinema of the Extreme

Ron Atkins gives us the first of two movies featuring Las Vegas psycho, Harry Russo (John Giancaspro), driven to commit a series of atrocities by hidden voices from Rubberneck, a ventriloquist doll given to him by his girlfriend Drew (Jasmin Putnam).

The film balances outrageous humour and gross-out scenes of violence as we follow Harry on a cocaine fuelled rape/murder spree. First, we get the obligatory shower scene in which a sexy hooker soaps her breasts, backside, and rubs herself before retiring, starkers, to the bedroom, for a bit of naughty phone sex. We get point of view shot from Harry as he enters, and throttles her before indulging in his favourite pastime; Necrophilia.

Next he kills a hooker, after she's given him a blowjob, stabs his shrink, kills Drew, and assorted lowlifes, as he snorts what must be over a grand’s worth of Charlie, and taking resorts to wearing ridiculous blonde wig, and lipstick, and prance about with his weaponry for all to see (Giancaspro ensures he has a quick fiddle before tackling these scenes to ensure it doesn’t look small on camera, as evidenced by a dwindling hard-on in some shots), utters non-stop expletives, tries a bit of disco dancing, chops off his finger, knocks a couple out, licks his hand clean, shoots up.... you get the picture!

The gore is pretty amateurish, but Giancaspro is great; this is certainly the guy to invite to the Mother-in-Law’s funeral. Despite some annoying camera effects, the film does deliver on the shock front, and has a fair bit of full-frontal for all tastes (or, rather for those who lack any).

The special 2-sided disc includes “A Walk with Harry” in which the lead discusses his neighbourhood and sprouts some pretty un-PC remarks. Altogether, a low-budget shock-fest that is guaranteed a few laughs from like-minded degenerates.

Carl T. Ford

Directed by Ron Atkins

English Language.

USA / 1997 / 84 minutes.

Deleted Scenes
2 x Trailers
Interview with Director Ron Atkins
Short Film: A Walk with Harry by Christopher P. Garetino

A Cut Throat Video DVD release

All region. NTSC. Stereo.
Widescreen 1.33:1 Original Aspect. Dolby Stereo Surround Sound.


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