Unrated - Cinema of the Extreme

Alex Michaud’s 35 minute short is a fairly gory tale of deeply disturbed lycanthrope killer (Marc Vaillancourt)who stalks his own sister (Mireille Levesque) having killed her husband. For a low budget SOV its pretty good. Both leads previously featured in Michaud’s previous gore-fest URBAN FLESH and the cast do a pretty good job. Low budget gore effects include a head getting chopped in half by samurai sword and some neat cannibalism. The short has a twist in the tale and will be included on the upcoming Brimstone anthology BITES: THE WEREWOLF CHRONICLES - Kevin Lindenmuth will direct the other segments. Independent horror regulars in the movie include Anthony Pereira (URBAN FLESH) in a cameo and Neil Napier (SLASHERS and the upcoming SAMHAIN).

Carl T. Ford


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