Unrated - Cinema of the Extreme

There’s several sick cable access shows doing the rounds in the USA - BUMFIGHTS has garnered lots of negative press, and involves the producers paying various down and outs, people off the street, crack addicts, etc to do ridiculous things like beat the shit out of one another, get tattoos on their foreheads, dive through windows etc. Out of the same drawer comes Eric Campos’ SICKENING CONCEPTIONS which takes the JACKASS concept further than MTV ever could. We see mondo death footage (cut to the sounds of "Come on Eileen" by Dexy’s Midnight Runners), tramps getting urinated on, busty womens breasts scribbled on, psychos jumping in trash cans, guys whipping out their private parts, and lots of other mental stuff that reminds me of my ex-boss after he’d had one too many. This DVD comprises of 3 episodes from the cable show and a few extra unrated segments that wouldn’t get a tv airing involving a forced coathanger abortion (set to music from James Brown’s "Sex Machine", a guy masturbating to scenes from THE EXORCIST, and a serial killer going through his shopping list. This is gutter level humour that should appeal to sober teens and drunken sickos in search of a laugh after the pubs shut. Other extras include a stills gallery, trailer and live phone-in footage. To be honest it’s not my cup of vomit... but it does make for an interesting party compilation and at $15 it represents a bit of value. One problem: the disc is badly pressed - I had problems playing mine in several places, so be warned... Sick puppies can get their copies direct from www.sickeningconceptions.com/

Carl T. Ford


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