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A lonely sex robot (Doll) called Malice wanders the corridors of her futuristic world remembering the times when her masters (the humans) required her services. She longs to be happy and uses this dream to change her world. Overnight, her robotic shell has turned into flesh and the oil that flowed through her joints has become blood. This change brings her great happiness as she can experience pain and emotion; unfortunately it also brings a curse. Every person she kisses, changes too, but not in the way that she hopes…

Think ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS meets BLADERUNNER via computer generated graphics. It’s not so much Anime as a twisted take on PINNOCHIO.

We follow Malice through the corridors and sense decay and sadness as the robots lie sleeping and broken, waiting for their human masters. Malice barely remembers why? But her unfulfilled duty to serve moves her to roam her abandoned world. She encounters Joe Admin who watches over every robot, and sends her for repair as she is leaking coolant as if crying, Freddy (‘The Licker’) her cleaner, Meliza Piper a plumbing robot and Devo Leukocyte a homicidal robot who has forgotten his duty to protect. On her way to meet Todd the Repairer, Malice encounters a ghostly apparition of a small girl in Victorian dress, holding a white ball/pearl. This encounter leads her to a room where she is attacked by a weird tentacled creature (resembling the being from LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND) that replaces her oil with a strange substance.

On waking, her being is changed. Malice has a curvaceous body with warm skin that she enjoys touching. No one recognises her and she is treated with caution. The kiss that she bestowed upon people (her only means of expressing feelings) now has a deadly viral effect. When saved by Meliza who is then attacked by Devo, she inadvertently transforms Meliza’s severed form into a tentacled flesh mosntrosity that battles with Devo. When she wakes the other dolls, Malice kisses her best friend Heather and transforms her too. What Malice doesn’t see is that although the transformed creatures can now feel and express emotion, their forms are more twisted than hers and their desires are not so pure. They too can now bestow a viral kiss upon others. Pretty soon after an ‘Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’ mass infection, Malice’s world is becomes a Dalian nightmare of writhing creatures who happily kill each other or thrash about in perverted abandon.

Joe Admin observes the destruction and confronts Malice, pointing out what she was and she has become. She recalls the fetishistic submissive role that dolls once played in society and witnesses Heather’s death. This is too high a price to pay for ‘happiness’ and so Malice heads off in search of ‘her dream’ trying to reverse the ills she has wrought.

If you are a fan of Anime and not put off by computer animations like FINAL FANTASY, you just might love this strange film and feel compelled to watch it more than once.

Lee Bailes

Directed by Keitaro Motonaga

Japanese language with Optional English Subtitles

Japan / 1999 / 83 minutes.

Conceptual drawings of the various characters
Trailers for upcoming Arts Magic releases
Interview (with the Director and Writer with questions by the voice of ’Malice, Yuki Yamada)
Interactive Menus

An Artsmagic Eastern Cult Cinema DVD release

Region 2. PAL. Dolby Digital Stereo.
Widescreen (non-anamorphic) available in 4:3 and (anamorphic) 16:9 formats


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