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“Oh what disgustingly good fun this is” ponders narrator Gwen (Lynn Harris) looking the spit of Catherine-Zita Jones as she engages in a piece of leg-worship with busty 70s sexploitation starlet Uschi Digart in this soft-core slice of cheese from Nick Philips (aka Jeff Richards). And you’d have to agree as we follow former student President of the Sexual Freedom League (you had one at your college, right?), Gwen as she meets up with ex-model Aunt Martine (Digart) at her uncle’s funeral and retires to Auntie’s place for a series of girl-on-girl romps involving shoe fetishism, strip-tease, cunnilingus, crotch-rubbing a plenty, and pill popping induced visions of a leather clad blonde (Tina Davis). For those who like their porn with a bit of “straight” action there’s a sequence in which Gwen hooks up (no pun intended) with her gorilla-chested boyfriend Mark.

Director Nick Philips hangs the sex scenes nicely together with a plot that involves Digart having deliberately caused her husband’s death by heart attack during one of her lustful sessions, in order to get her hands on his money, unfortunately he has left a large slice of it to his niece Harris – hence the seduction, it is hinted that Harris is also an intended murder victim as the closing sequence has Digart plying her with numerous pills that transform from sexual highs to schizophrenic delirium.

Shot in San Francisco this 35 mm lensed classic typifies Philips’ style, containing thematics that occur throughout his film career: perversion, drugs, foot and leg worship, and large doses of lesbianism, interspersed with panoramic location shots. His softcore sleaze that include LUSTFUL ADDICTION (1969), and ROXANNA (1970), were also notable for their natural elements; unshaved havens, silicon free starlets and effects-free camerawork that when watched today comes as a breath of fresh-air compared to the S-O-V polished porn of today.

No stranger behind the camera Philips would shoot both soft and hardcore, and grindhouse horrors including SATAN’S BLACK WEDDING (1974), CRIMINALLY INSANE aka CRAZY FAT ETHEL (1975) and its sequel CRAZY FAT ETHEL 2 (1985). The former two movies have also been snapped by by EI Cinema and should appear later this year. In the meantime settle down with a box of popcorn and check out this great slice of 70s nostalgia and compare it to Ted W. Crestview’s 2002 tribute starring Julian Wells and Darian Caine – that duplicates several of the original’s set-pieces, with some even hornier antics.

This value for money disc is nicely produced – the original contains vibrant colours and plentiful scratching that adds to its kitsch value, along with the original voice-over soundtrack accompanied by the usual trashy hippy styled music. The remake is once again nicely lensed by Retro-Seduction regular Johnny Crash and together with a fab mini-documentary narrated by grindhouse historian ‘42nd Street Pete (bidding for the title of Maurice Gibb Reincarnated), trailers, and 8pp colour booklet is another “must purchase” for fans of 70s exploitation.

Carl T. Ford

Original 1974 Version Directed by Nick Philips
2002 Remake directed by Ted W. Crestview

English language

USA /60 mins (orig) and 45 mins (remake)

Theatrical Trailers
Interview with Film Historian ’42nd Street Pete’
Full colour booklet

Trailer Vault
A Retro Seduction Cinema DVD Release
All region. NTSC. Mono/Stereo. Full Frame 1.33:1

PLEASURES OF A WOMAN (1972 / 2002)

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