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Featuring a plot-line you could write on the back of a postage stamp, this latest feature from director Terry M. West (BLOOD FOR THE MUSE) provides the eye-candy from Shock-O-Rama another chance to show that they can give credible B-movie performances, and boy do they give us a good time proving it! Drop dead gorgeous Misty Mundae plays Primula Cooper, who is sent by her father to “The Diablo School for Girls” whilst he works abroad. The school is overseen by dominant headmistress, Miss Beezle (Barbara Joyce) whose tendency to over-use her riding whip wouldn’t go down too well in race course stewards rooms. Despite being comforted by Gothic room mate Phoenix (Ruby LaRocca), Primula soon starts experiencing nightmares that involve visitations from a Satanic looking enchantress (Darian Caine) clad in red rubber leggings and paint-on-peel-off latex, who fucks Primula (EXORCIST style) with a crucifix.

Enter investigative reporter Linda Forest (Kelli Summers) who is compiling a report on missing girls at the school, who turns up and is promptly bound naked to a bed and sexually tortured by Miss Beezle. Further girl-on-girl action ensues, and the film ends with a four-way orgy between Mundae, Joyce, LaRocca and Caine in an attempt to raise Satan himself.

As far as sexploitation goes, this film is very nicely lensed and the sequences where Mundae roams the Gothic School grounds are quite atmospheric… but of course the film is never creepy it’s simply too titillating. The costumes and general design show a steady improvement in the look of Shock-O-Rama’s product of late, and director West can handle eroticism fairly well as seen in a pre-credits sequence where beautiful newcomer Cherry Moonshine makes out with boyfriend William Hellfire, the co-director of little-seen cult classic DUCK! THE CARBINE HIGH MASSACRE (1999), and the film’s Satanic orgy sequence.

This loose tribute to the 2000 TV movie SATAN’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (itself a re-make) starring ex-CHARLIE’S ANGEL Kate Jackson and Shannon Doherty Originally conceived as a short back-up feature for future releases under the title SATAN’S SCHOOL FOR SLUTS, but executive producer Michael Beck decided the treatment deserved fleshing out and a bigger budget. The finished product bears similarities to the style of Jean Rollin and one or two of the better Jess Franco efforts from the 60s. The score by Josh Robinson (the lead from BLOOD FOR THE MUSE) is pretty good too! Pity an initial gorier pre-credits sequence between him and Chelsea Mundae had to be scrapped due to poor lighting (but it is included here as an extra) and I’ve got to say the replacement scene involving newcomer Cherry Moonshine is a turn-on.

This special DVD edition comes with a limited edition poster, 4pp booklet, and has some worthwhile extras including sexy off-screen footage of the girls involving Misty peeling the latex off a naked Darian Caine, a naked Kelli Summers being inadvertently duct tapped to the bedposts, and some great bloopers. BLOOD FOR THE MUSE (West’s first feature is also included - see review elsewhere on this site)

If you find the antics of Misty & Co. fun, you’ll need to turn off the radiator when you watch this one.
Carl T. Ford

Directed by Terry M. West

English language

USA / 2002 / 80 minutes

3 x Deleted Scenes
Behind the Scenes: On the Set / Satan’s School Photo Shoot
Full Colour Booklet
Shock-O-Rama Trailer Vault
Interactive Menus
Bonus feature BLOOD FOR THE MUSE (80 mins, Black & White)

A Shock-O-Rama Cinema DVD Release

All Region. NTSC. Stereo. Full Frame 1.33:1


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