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If you enjoy wallowing in trash that includes nudie-cutie flicks, blaxploitation, government anti-drug propaganda, slashers, and asian martial arts madness, then this cable show from the USA ought to be up your street. Presented by “The 2 Droogies” (Edmund Varuolo and Brian Powell): two crazy Staten Island trash addicts who lounge in their tv room/studio, surrounded by trash film one sheets, INDUSTRIAL TELEVISION (iT) is a 1 hour barrage of adverts, cheesy soft-core porn, horror and kung fu film clips, and assorted exploitation excerpts, punctuated by brief dialogue of the presenters (and the occasional sexy iT female groupie), that goes beyond the likes of the UK’s similar concept OUT THERE. Politically incorrect on all fronts, (regular inserts include gory news reels, porn, autopsy footage, and the presenters have been known to black themselves up) this show is the perfect weekend accompaniment for a ‘lads night in’ with a few beers, for those who can’t be bothered with girlies, or are fortunate to have a hellcat for a partner who shares an equally debauched sense of taste.

To give you a taste, here’s a sampling of material from a couple of episodes from the latest (6th) season:

#111: Previews of Coming Attractions “Superargo vs Diabolicus” , “Sister Streetfighter” (with Etsuko Shiomi and Shinichi (’Sonny’) Chiba, “Cop Haters”, "Ann and Eve” (sexploitation), “The Runaway”, “Son of Samson” (Egyptian slave revolt film with Mark Forest), a lengthy Kung Fu clip from “The Fatal Flying Guillotine”, ads for 50s cigarette brands (Kool, Madison & Paxton) a cartoon “(Pussy Da Red Nosed Reindeer”) and a lengthy (and excrutiatingly dull) industrial programme entitled “Hemp for Victory”, and “Betty Page Bondage” video clips.

#112: ‘ALL-NUDE Collector’s Edition’ Trailers for “The Naked Countess”, “Up Your Alley”, Bob Cresse’s ’68 savage, sex-filled western “Hot Spur”, an adult cartoon sickie entitled “Deep Sympathy” manga/hentai cartoons including “Dragon Pink” and “Itoyoko” clips, a great b&w nudie short “Elm House Manor” where a busty woman wanders around semi-clad in a creepy manor run by a vampire, the full-length main feature attraction is “Nude Camera” a documentary that promotes nude photography, and various Japanese bondage clips.

The show has proved popular Stateside, the Droogies have claimed that their show is CTVs most watched presentation, and has subsequently led to a series of complaints from the moral minority. The Droogies excellent website (which all UNRATED readers should visit) includes a number of ridiculous quotations (“...a prime example of the decay of morals in today’s society” - A preacher on the S.I. Ferry), episode guides, news, behind the scenes details, ordering info (you can even get hold of tapes of past shows), and a catalogue of collectibles and can be found at
http://2droogies.com/ Carl T. Ford

INDUSTRIAL TELEVISION-A brief history...(taken from the iTV website)

Created by Edmund Varuolo and Brian Powell.

i.T. #1 first aired during June ’96 (the pilot episode) on Staten Island Community Television. Due to a favorable response, the creators decided to go for a series contract at CTV and commit to one new episode every two weeks.

At the time, they estimated approx. 30 hours of possible programming culled from their vast collections. At first they show featured numerous industrial training films (hence the title "INDUSTRIAL TELEVISION"), but since then, "The Droogies" have expanded their madness to include more trailers and edited-down features. Since that time they have added many new titles to their collections and now have way beyond the original 30 hrs. predicted. The show is now into its 6th Season.


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