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Mexico produced a glut of highly visual horror movies during the late 60s and early 70s, the most interesting of which were directed by Juan López Moctezuma. ALUCARDA (1975) is a Boschian wet dream, filled with bloodied Mummy-like nuns that writhe in orgiastic pleasure, naked witches, a Satanic coven presided over by the obligatory goat-masked high priest, vampire women and brilliant sets that include gothic castles, convents and crypts.
    A prologue set in 1850 shows us a kindly old warlock residing over a young woman who gives birth to her daughter, Alucarda. As the child is quickly taken by the old man to the safety of a convent a demonic presence enters the crypt to claim the screaming mother. Cue credits.
    Fifteen years later a young orphan girl called Justine (Susana Kamini) arrives at the convent and is befriended by Sister Angelica. That night Justine is visited by Alucarda (Tina Romero) and the two quickly bond. Whilst wandering in the nearby fields the women discover the old crypt that formed Alucarda’s birthplace. Alucarda declares her love for Justine and the two make a pact that should one "...depart from this life, we shall do it...together." Alucarda suddenly becomes possessed and breaks open the casket of a corpse. An evil force is unleashed... from this moment on Alucarda’s life takes on a penchant for evil.
Alucarda entices Justine into a series of depraved rituals dedicated to Satan, meanwhile the influence spreads to the convent and it is left to the equally demented Dr. Oszek (Caludio Brook) to bring an end to the Satanic cavorting with torture and much Bible thumping.
    Mondo Macabro’s 74 minute release is a full-screen presentation in English. The colours are vibrant and punchy and do justice to this uncut release. Thoroughly entertaining, I would recommend this film to all those who like their satanic viewing tinged with gore and nudity. The DVD also includes a documentary on Mexican horror films an interview with Moctezuma and a photo gallery, but once more it’s a pity the titles and chapters take an age to change.

Carl T. Ford

ALUCARDA (aka Alucarda la hija de las tinieblas)

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