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Given its limitations, it comes as a pleasant surprise to see that filmmakers in Scandinavia are proving that there’s still a decent movie or two in the slasher cycle. Horror fare that to look out for include Patrik Syversen’s ROWDYR (aka Manhunt, 2009), Pål Øie’s SKJULT ( aka Hidden, 2008), Kim Dillevig Aas’ BORRE (2008), Severin Eskeland’s SNARVEIEN (aka Detour, 2009) and Tommi Lepola and Tero Molin’s SKELETON CREW (2009).

Meanwhile, Momentum Pictures have recently COLD PREY 2 – RESURRECTION, the sequel to COLD PREY (aka Fritt vilt, 2006). The film carries on immediately where the first left off with Ingrid Bolsø Berdal reprising her role as “final girl” Jannicke, and Mats Stenberg taking over the director’s chair from Roar Uthaug.

Having survived her ordeal in the Jotunheimen Mountains at the hands of the “Mountain Man” killer Geir Olav Brath, a bloodied and traumatized Jannicke is picked up by patrolling police officer, Ole (Kim Wifladt), and driven to a small community hospital in the secluded town of Otta. The police are informed of the fate of her companions and that of the murderous “Mountain Man” (Robert Follin), and the bodies of the victims recovered from a ravine and bought to the hospital’s morgue to await further investigations.

When nurse Camilla (Marthe Snorresdotter Rovik) allows Jannicke to pay her final respects to her dead friends, Jannicke spies the corpse of her attacker and in frustration pummels the killer’s chest, which has the effect of stirring his heartbeat. House doctor Herman (Fridtjov Såheim) immediately interjects and immobilizes Jannicke with a sedative before unwittingly reviving the killer. With the town’s miniscule police force investigating the derelict hotel where the murders took place, just one rookie cop guards the hulking killer and it’s not long before further carnage ensues.

Taking its lead from Rick Rosenthal’s HALLOWEEN II (1981), and to a lesser degree Jean-Claude Lord’s VISITING HOURS (1982), COLD PREY 2 – RESURRECTION takes us down familiar American slasher territory with its killer stalking an array of characters through darkened hospital wards. But where lesser genre entries have relied on heavy-laden special effects to shock viewers, scriptwriter Thomas Moldestad wisely opts for character development and a realistic approach to his storyline that eschews contrivance and sets its audience on edge with carefully generated scenes of suspense.

Mats Stenberg cuts the action between the secluded hospital where the Mountain Man tracks the survivors through the corridors with his pickaxe to offices where investigating police chief, Einar (Per Schaaning) searches through old files and news cuttings in an attempt to unravel the killer’s identity and the reasons behind his insanity. This gives the film an added depth of mystery and throws further light on the disturbing events which were somewhat ambiguous in the first film.

The acting is fairly accomplished, with Ingrid Bolsø Berdal conveying both vulnerability and conversely, displaying the same physical strength and that brought her through her earlier ordeal. Equally fine is the performance from newcomer Marthe Snorresdotter Rovik who gives Berdal a good run for her money in the screaming stakes.

Fans of the original are well served here, with COLD PREY 2 – RESURRECTION defying many of the pitfalls the befall slasher sequels. For those unfamiliar with the cycle, Momentum Pictures have issued both films in a 2 disc box-set.

Carl T. Ford


Directed by Mats Stenberg

Norway 2008 / 86 minutes / Colour< / English Subtitlesp> Region 2 / PAL
Anamorphic widescreen Feature Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
DD5.1 Surround audio

DVD Extras
Director’s commentary Behind the Scenes Documentary

An Momentum Pictures Release

ASIN: B001U74D1E


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