Unrated - Cinema of the Extreme

Brian O’Hara’s campy exploitation/horror/comedy receives a long awaited DVD release from Shock-O-Rama and is, undoubtedly, the funniest film I have seen in a long time. Establishments that have reviled the production include ‘The Independent Feature Project’ and ‘New York Underground Film Festival’, and due to it’s very anti-PC script is going to be hard pressed to receive a UK release, so I recommend grabbing this special edition DVD from Shock-O-Rama while you can.

Fed up with his acts walking out on him, greedy music agent Bernie Stein (Barry Feterman) enlists the help of mad scientist, nephew Frankie (Jayson Spence), whose sexual habits include masturbating at the sight of autopsy photos and medical journals, in order to create the ultimate rock star. Fashioning a monster utilising stolen body parts from the corpses of dead rock stars that include the arse of Sid Vicious, legs of Keith Moon, hands of Jimi Hendrix, feet of Buddy Holly, and head and brain of Elvis, Bernie insists that the monster should have a huge sex drive to create an even bigger fan base amongst the females. Drug addicted assistant Igor (Hiram Jacob Segarra) is sent to burgle the home of a private in order to retrieve the penis of Jim Morrison but the organ is accidentally dropped in acid when the bungling junkie sets off a fire alarm with his smoking bong and the penis of Liberace is stolen instead.

Once built, the monster is put on tour and billed as ’The King’, and backed by a rock band called ’The Unnatural Urges’. Women vie for his attentions but the organ has a mind of its own, each time The King see’s a guy’s arse it grows erect and eventually takes over Elvis’s mind, causing him to resort to all manner of strange perversions; a woman is cut open and her innards fucked (because the cut between her cleavage remind him of a backside), gerbils are stuffed into condoms and used to satisfy his own sexual preferences, and a priest who takes confession and places The King’s hands on his own penis is chased up the aisle and killed by having a huge wooden carving of a crucified Christ shoved up his rectum – “How about, turning the other cheek now, Padre?” the monster snarls. This film contains other priceless dialogue; when Frankie administers an anaesthetic on The King in order to operate, the creature is ordered to count to sleep… “Well it’s a, One for the money…”

The film is most likely to cause offence due to its blatant referral to the “Unnatural urges” of the gay community – who will undoubtedly view this film with very mixed reactions. The film also has a few racist jokes thrown in – the King hates his black Hendrix hands that poke out from his white jumpsuit. Obligatory breasts are bared here and there to annoy the women’s libbers and the animal rights activists are not gonna like the treatment of gerbils. As for Elvis fans, well the straight-faced ones will be outraged at the sight of their beloved King humping a gay guy on the floor, or his sitting on a toilet seat masturbating to gay porn mags.

This 16-mm movie had been blown up to 35-mm for theatrical release and is sadly cropped for this full-frame presentation DVD. The colours are well defined and the soundtrack is sharp and very clear. Order a copy now!

Carl T. Ford

Directed by Brian O.Hara

English language

USA / 1998 / 88 minutes.

Audio Commentary with Director Brian O’Hara and Selected Cast Members
Behind the scenes featurette
Music Video
Theatrical Trailer
Original soundtrack songs "I’m a Monster" & "Lectro Shock"Interactive Menus

A Shock-O-Rama Cinema DVD Release

All Region. NTSC. Dolby Digital Stereo


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