Unrated - Cinema of the Extreme

This 1972 Spanish feature directed by Leon Klimovsky was Paul Naschy’s fifth incarnation as wolfman Waldemar Daninsky. The film kicks off in swinging London where the grandson of Dr Jekyll (Jack Taylor) has been continuing the family ways. Daninsky flees his Spanish castle following the death of his witch-like maid and persecution by the locals following the massacre of a a group of bandits who unwisely decided to raid his home for treasures. He falls in love with the widow of a friend of Jekyll and a plan is hatched to isolate the wolfman’s soul by injecting Daninsky with a serum that will turn him into Mr Hyde. Things go wrong as expected and the Hyde character takes over, cue scenes of Naschy (oddly dressed in Victorian clothing and pursued by whistle blowing policemen) in fog shrouded Soho attacking prostitutes. Throw in a couple of kinky SM scenes where gorgeous Shirley Corrigan is chained up and whipped - a common torture in Naschy’s films - and a couple of hilarious transformation scenes and you’ve got 83 minutes of fun.
    MONDO MACABRO’s DVD is an anamporphic 16:9 presentation in the original Spanish language with optional subtitles. The print is the best you’ll get and even the dark graveyard scenes often unwatchable in most video versions of Klimovsky’s work are fairly clear here. Extras include a good interview with Naschy, and cast and crew bios. My one complaint is the time the disc takes to shift between chapters, but that’s nothing major. At aound £16 the disc is a steal for fans of Naschy and Klimovsky and whilst it certainly isn’t their best work it remains an interesting curio for the Euro horror trash fan.

Carl T. Ford

DR JEKYLL VERSUS THE WEREWOLF (aka Dr Jekyll el Hombre Lobo)

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