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SIN SISTERS represents the latest DVD release for the Mundae sisters, Misty and Chelsea, written and directed for Seduction Cinema by Tony Marsiglia (DR. JEKYLL & MISTRESS HYDE). The film marks a departure for SC as far as production values are concerned, for this one takes advantage of some lush outdoor location shots filmed in California. If like me, you believe the customary sets utilised in the majority of SC erotic thrillers add to their uniqueness as studio product, providing an air of claustrophobia that heightens the disquiet of on-screen violence/sexuality, you’ll be pleased to learn that SIN SISTERS is, despite a liberal dose of black humour, one of their darkest products so far.

Welcome to the mindset of siblings Cynthia and Morgana (Misty and Chelsea, respectively) whose constant attempts at one-upmanship regarding various sexual situations lead them into deadly territory. The initial fifteen minutes of the film, set to a hip electronic industrial beat by Don Mike, define their personalities, as we witness the two sisters vie for the attention of a passing guy as they bathe by a swimming pool. Some playful, over the top, stabs at eroticism ensue as Cynthia masturbates beneath her swimsuit, strips, before covering herself in sun cream and running a carving knife over her naked body. Not to be outdone, Morgana seductively takes a banana, peels it enticingly, (you can definitely tell Chelsea’s done this as part of her dance routines), and slowly fellates it, at which point jealous Cynthia shoves it in her face. Once Cynthia has won the battle for the passing stud’s attention, and has been pleasured by him, she turns to kiss Morgana, and then pushes her backwards into the pool.

Unknown to Cynthia, Morgana delights in secretly filming her sister in various compromising positions, and when Morgana is caught by the college Dean’s assistant, Beth (Andrea Davis) with cam in hand having filmed her sister masturbating in the college showers. Beth threatens to reveal all, at which point an enraged Cynthia, slams Beth into the wall, and her head is split open. The two drag the body out to their car and drive off to the woods to dispose of the corpse. When they arrive at the woods, Morgana loses her nerve and runs off to nearby cabin, where she is bound and gagged by a pistol-packing pervert called Juli (Julian Wells). Cynthia stumbles upon her sister and is also captured and this is where the real fun begins as the sisters are forced to participate in further mind games, and suffer sexual degradation at the hands of psycho-dom, Juli.

The script for SIN SISTERS is above average fare for a Seduction production, and contains several hilarious sequences; best of all is a scene where the sisters are forced to name as many different coarse variations on various sexual organs as possible. The sexual situations are handled fairly well; Julian Wells PLEASURES OF A WOMAN (2002), and DR JEKYLL & MISTRESS HYDE) can always be relied on to portray the more sexually confident dominant with aplomb, and relative newcomer Andrea Davis will have pulses racing with her antagonistic performance and incredibly sexy breasts. Stars of the show, Misty and Chelsea display a sterling rapport and their scenes together (both nude and otherwise) are both tense and erotic, void of any nervousness that may have crept into screen as a result of the fact that they are related.

As a final b-movie product, it’s hard to fault SIN SISTERS, the editing of the piece shows a marked improvement on the likes of SCs PLAYMATE OF THE APES and LORD OF THE G-STRINGS, and the pacing (once the initial opening pool scene is over) is fast and furious and befitting of the “crime drama” genre, that the director has tried to emulate. But at the end of the day, SIN SISTERS remains, first and foremost an inventive piece of erotica, with plentiful girl-on-girl action to appease the Seduction Cinema fan base, and several delightful scenes featuring girls with guns that would make Richard Kern proud.

Carl T. Ford

Directed by Tony Marsiglia

English language

USA / 2003 / 80 minutes

Interview with Misty and Chelsea Mundae
Full Colour Booklet
Shock-O-Rama Trailer Vault
Interactive Menus

A Seduction Cinema DVD Release

All Region. NTSC. Stereo. Widescreen 1.85:1 16/9


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