Unrated - Cinema of the Extreme

This 1998 SOV low budget piece of mayhem from British director Darren Ward looks like a bastard son spawned by filmmakers Jim Van Bebber and Alex Chandon. The acting is awful and the dialogue unconvincing, but boy does it entertain.

The film begins with the aftermath of a botched drug deal in which drugs czar John Randell (Paul Murphy) and henchman Jimmy (Alex Ranger) dish out a vicious beating to a couple of gangsters who’d give a Tourette Syndrome sufferer a run for his money in the coprolalia stakes. Randell decides to hire a psychotic former mercenary called Walker (Nick Rendell) – to wipe out the rival gang led by asthmatic mobster Pike (David Warbeck). There follows a gore-laden warehouse massacre full of squibs that would have made Peckinpah proud. Walker retrieves the booty and is in turn betrayed by his bosses. Further double-crossings ensue accompanied by splattery shoot-outs, barmy army flashbacks, eye-gouging, torture (look out for a RESERVOIR DOGS inspired blow-torch to the face scene that Warbeck’s character dishes out), explosions, heads-through glass, slashed throats, saws in head, shotgun blasts, disembowelment, shagging and everything a low budget gore fan could possibly want.

I don’t usually enjoy these movies; the gore being the sole reason for their getting made in the first place, but this is an entertaining 102 minute romp that flies by due to its fast paced script and thrilling SFX work by Alastair Vardy. Darren Ward obviously likes his Italian splatter and several scenes are shot with Argento styled colour filters and ambitious crane-work. I lapped up the zany characters who arrive on set briefly before they end up as bloody-fodder for the SFX team.

This special edition DVD from Sub Rosa in the USA is a slight improvement on the previous German Dragon release as regards picture quality and stereo sound with several extras not found on previous releases, though it lacks the Dragon disc’s audio commentary.

Carl T. Ford

Directed by Darren Ward

English language
UK / 1998 / 102 minutes

Deleted Scenes
Preview Trailer
Stills Gallery

A Sub Rosa DVD Release
All Region / NTSC / Dolby Digital Stereo / Widescreen 1.85:1 / 16/9

SUDDEN FURY (revised)

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