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Wolfgang Büld’s latest movie once more displays his affection for youthful outsiders and society misfits, but marks a departure from his earlier forays involving the factual punk scene, PUNK IN LONDON (1978), BORED TEENAGERS (1979), GIRLS BITE BACK (1980), and PUNK AND ITS AFTER SHOCKS (1980), with a selection of characters just as wild.

19-year old Helen (Fiona Horsey) is the ideal dream date. She’s sexy, seductive, and with drop dead looks. Unfortunately for the men who fall for her charms, they end up falling quite literally. For as soon as any date has his wicked way they are consumed whilst in the height of passion by a virginal monster that sucks up their bodies, leaving only their clothing and condom behind. So much for safe sex, then!

It seems Helen has been suffering from a form of psychosis involving a dreaded fear of penetrative sex as a result of witnessing various acts of intercourse between her mother and SM leather masked lover as a child. So much so that whenever she engages in sex, she wants her lover dead.

Having killed her date, and fended off the lecherous advances of her wheelchair bound stepfather (John Hurn), Helen flees to the red-lights of London picking off sleazy punters, and emptying their wallets as fast as everything else. She’s doing fairly well for herself until besotted, stalker-like virgin pal Dennis (Paul Conway) decides to track her down.

Whilst Helen is turning tricks on the corners of Wardour Street, Dennis is chatting up Sylvia (Amy Steel), the nicer half of two conjoined twins, whilst sister Sonia (Beth Steel) is planning how to lure him into bed. When Dennis eventually succumbs, the trio strip, the lights are turned off and Dennis finds falls prey Sonia’s craft trick of securing a shag by turning over onto her stomach so that the girl on Dennis’ right is no longer the one he fancies. Sonia gets shagged, and Dennis is so pissed, he decides to separate the good and bad sisters with an electric carving knife. Unfortunately Sonia dies and Sylvia wants revenge... Dennis leaves the screaming half-blister, and drowns his sorrows at a strip-joint.

Things go from unhinged to off the wall. Helen is kidnapped by a perverted bondage master, and orally assaulted whilst tied to a discarded bed stand, she’s found naked and bound with an empty pile of men’s clothes between her legs by a young PC called John (Mathew Brint) who insists on marrying her.

Dennis, meanwhile, is comforted by stripper Bonnie (Natasha Starbuck) who realises that he is in such a sorry state he’ll do almost anything for friendship. She masturbates him in the bath and talks him into a bank robbery – when that goes wrong the two hijack a honeymooning couple, who happen to be Helen and John. Further carnage ensues… This is one crazed exploitation piece. It has the lot, a shower scene, perverts, strippers, SM, bondage, nudity, sex, violence, freaks, female urination, fights, shoot-outs, kidnapping, gore, murder, pitch-black humour, and a cool soundtrack that includes music by the likes of Lacuna Coil, Marble Arch, and Tiamat.

Büld’s movie plays like a whacked-out road trip, treating its underlying theme of dark sexuality and Freudian fears lightly. The use of colour to convey varying sexual situations is always a favourite for directors interested in such thematics, and its rife here. Helen’s initial boyfriend wears a bright red shirt when raping her, whilst Helen wears virginal white undies. She leaves home dressed in blue, indicative of the parentless and rejected child, she’s about to make love in blue painted public loos, but can’t and we next see her loitering next to red phone boxes, lit by the hazy red lights of Soho, prowling for sex, in red top and jacket. Twins Sylvia and Sonia wear green and black respectively to represent the kind down to earthy type, and sinister dark half.

The acting is above average for a low budget film such as this. Fiona Horsey handles the versatility of her role splendidly and represents fabulous eye-candy to boot, equally good are Natasha Starbuck as the crazed stripper, twins Amy and Beth Steel, and Paul Conway as the hapless Dennis.

Wolfgang Büld has put a cracker of low budget movie together here, and it’s mercifully been left un-tampered by the BBFC. This is the kind of movie I like, an ambiguous, no-holds barred exploitation piece with a jaded sense of humour, and with pussy to die for!

Carl T. Ford

Directed by Wolfgang Büld

English Language
UK + Germany /2003 / 100 minutes.

Behind the Scenes Footage
Stills Gallery

A Salvation Films DVD Release

All region / Widescreen 16:9 / Dolby Digital Stereo.


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