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Terry M. West’s 2001 film features a soulless serial killer called Josh (Josh Robinson) who reminds me in many ways of the lead in Francis Von Zerneck’s GOD’S LONELY MAN. Both characters are bored with their mundane existence, crave love from a prostitute, and work in video stores for lousy pay. But where Zerneck has his lead seek spiritual redemption by massacring a snuff peadophile ring, Josh sacrifices hookers in order to appease and invoke the ancient Blood Muse of Tragedy, Melpomene. After killing several women with whom Josh feels no affinity he comes to realise that as the Muse is connected with Tragedy the sacrificial victim must be loved by him. Enter blonde-wigged Sara (Tina Krause who also plays the Muse and gives the only performance of note in the film) whom Josh believes will finally add impetus to his blood ritual.
     Bearing in mind this is a low budget production (shot in black and white) don’t go expecting an extravaganza. The SFX by Stew Noack are minimal and most of the gore is kept off camera. Fans of naked female flesh have their fair share of eye candy since Krause, Tammy Parks, Pamela Sutch and Esmerelda DeLarocca are all seen in various states of undress. The acting, as I mentioned earlier, is one dimensional though you can’t expect much from the women’s roles since they are only there to shed their clothes and get slaughtered. The film is also atrociously dubbed – thankfully a lot of Robinson’s dialogue is in the form of commentary. The script, too, could have done with a bit more emphasis on the development of Sara and Josh’s relationship; no sooner have they met Josh seems captivated.
     Despite its flaws BLOOD FOR THE MUSE isn’t all bad. The soundtrack (by a band calling themselves Blood for the Muse) is pretty good and at times the photography is haunting. Terry West also displays a fine knack for composition, most of the camera shots are quite exquisite. The sets designs are cool too, ranging from a nifty comic/video store to the mist enshrouded realms of the Muse herself that look like a Goth’s fantasy. The sacrificial ritual scenes also seem authentic. Fans of both Tina Krause and former Penthouse Pet Tammy Parks should also enjoy the film for obvious reasons. A DVD is forthcoming (see UNRATED news).

Carl T. Ford


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