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Ron Atkins’ spin on the depraved psycho family is an obvious homage to the likes of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and THE HILLS HAVE EYES, with a cannibal clan who have made their home in the sewers of the Nevada desert containing the sick splattery black humour that proliferated the likes of his earlier films; SCHIZOPHRENIAC and NECROMANIAC.

When his “best man” goes missing, whilst investigating the “Cannibal Murders” case, FBI Agent Beck (Paul Dalleluche) calls on his superiors for help. Despite the fact that the killings appear to have involved mainly rich people, and that there are known to be three killers who reside in underground bunkers in the Nevada desert, the case remains unsolved after 18 months.

Meanwhile, “X” (Perry Todd) , one of the killers, a mental retard who wears a cloth sack over his head in order to hide the hideous scars he received from his mother’s iron, has kidnapped Lisa (Stella Mckinney) the girlfriend of a drunken woman abuser (Ron Atkins) and made off with her to the sewer system. The underground lair is home to X and his two politically challenged brothers, a butcher/cook called General Scuzzy (Garvin Lee) who wears a gas mask, and Clint (Terry King) who wears a black wild west sheriff’s outfit complete with inked on moustache.

Atkins wastes no time serving up the exploitation with a semi-clad Lisa being subjected to awful jokes at the dinner table, before being raped by X. Next pair of victims are a couple making out in their car. The guy is murdered and the woman (Jasmin Putman) is impregnated – she also turns into a weird zombie-ghoul for reasons which are unexplained and joins a clan of similar creatures who end up feasting on any of the cops who get in their way.

The film certainly looks a rushed project, made as tongue in cheek homage to Tobe Hooper that includes dizzy close up shots of the victims faces, surreal cinematography with shaky cams, and a confused storyline, EAT THE RICH isn’t one to set the independent scene alight, nevertheless it does contain a fair amount of ‘shock’ material guaranteed to raise a giggle. Especially interesting are several outrageous out-takes that feature SM slave girls made to act like dogs and getting violated with a knife in their sexual regions. If Atkins really wanted to outrage his audience he could have included this sequence.

Viewers may enjoy trying to spot the numerous in-jokes to old TV favourites and several obscure trash horror classics, nice to see Atkins was a BONANZA fan, and the last shot includes a hilarious homage to the Ponderosa cowboys. The finished product moves along briskly, with abundant gore and nudity to satisfy viewers who like this sort of thing and the extras, given over to an entire side of this double sided DVD presentation make the package an attractive buy for the low budget gore crowd, who aren’t fussed when it comes to quality.

Carl T. Ford

Directed by Ron Atkins

English Language.

USA / 2000 / 87 minutes.

Deleted Scenes
5 x Teaser Trailers
Interview with Director Ron Atkins

A Cut Throat Video DVD release

All region. NTSC. Stereo.
Widescreen 1.33:1 Original Aspect. Dolby Stereo Surround Sound.



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